Hip Circle Classes

A Doula's Guide to Labor | 300 Weeks
Discover tricks and techniques to help you and your partner through labor and birth!
Baby Dance Party | 300 Weeks
You and your baby deserve the chance to get moving.
Baby-Wearing Zumba | Zahara Fusion
Have a blast with your baby!
Bellydance BaseFusion | Zahara Fusion
Discover the fun inherent in the basics of bellydance in this beginning level class.
Bellydance FlairFusion | Zahara Fusion
Learn a new dance from start to finish!
Bellydance I | Zahara Fusion
Become a bellydancer! Yes you can!
Bellydance II | Zahara Fusion
Add a little bling to your belly
Bellydance TechFusion | Zahara Fusion
Focus on Technique!
Body TUNEing | Zahara Fusion
Can working out be fun? Sure! Body TUNEing will help you tone your muscles, strengthen your heart, and increase flexibility, all while maintaining a strong sense of humor.
Breastfeeding Basics | 300 Weeks
Get ready for breastfeeding before your baby is born
Breastfeeding Through Challenges | 300 Weeks
Prepare for and overcome common problems for nursing moms and babies
CardioBelly | Zahara Fusion
Polish your dance moves and get a workout!
Chicago-area Homebirth Meetup Group | 300 Weeks
Share topics and conversation with home-birthing families.
Continuing Bellydance | Zahara Fusion
Enhance your moves and learn choreography without a long-term commitment
Dance With Me, Baby! | Zahara Fusion
Get some exercise and bond with your baby at the same time
Dance With Me, Toddler! | 300 Weeks
Try world dances and give your toddler (ages 1—3) great exposure to world music and movement.
Evanston Parents Meetup | 300 Weeks
Connect with other Evanston parents!
Family Zumba! | Zahara Fusion
Get the whole family in on the party!
FitBreak - 30 minutes of wellness for women | Zahara Fusion
Find 30 minutes for health 2x a week!
H.I.P (Healthy, Informed, Personal) Childbirth Education™ | 300 Weeks
Get ready for labor in a group setting
Hat Hooplah | Hip Circle
Fight the cold of winter by knitting a hat for you or baby!
Infant Answers | 300 Weeks
Learn how to enjoy your baby's infancy!
Infant CPR & Safety | 300 Weeks
Keep your family safe. Get the information you need to have in case of emergency.
Intro to Bellydance | Zahara Fusion
Give bellydance a try! Move those hips and share the joy!
Introduction to Baby Signing | 300 Weeks
Discover how parents and siblings can communicate with babies through sign language
Mama Café: Brainfood & Community for the first 300 Weeks | 300 Weeks
Support and community for those pursuing healthy lifestyles, breastfeeding, or who are just health and eco-curious.
Mama Dance | Zahara Fusion
What better way to celebrate your role as mom than by celebrating the belly?
Mama Talk | 300 Weeks
Get together with other mothers for support, information, and relaxation
Mother-Daughter Bellydance | Zahara Fusion
Explore the joys of bellydance with your daughter or mother!
Moving Through Pregnancy & Labor | 300 Weeks
Move with ease through your pregnancy!
Parent/Child Bellydance | Zahara Fusion
Discover the joy of bellydancing and world music with your kids
Parent/Tot Belldyance | Zahara Fusion
Share the rhythm and motions of bellydance with your toddler
Practical Parenting | 300 Weeks
Get sensible advice and watch your parenting skills develop along with your family
Prenatal BodyTUNEing | Zahara Fusion
Can working out during pregnancy be fun? Sure!
Private Childbirth Education | 300 Weeks
Learn what you need to know about labor and the birthing process, in a private, customized setting
Purposeful Play Group | 300 Weeks
Learn how to play with your children and adapt your activities based on their stage of development
Sign with Me, Baby! | 300 Weeks
Get the whole family started “talking” with your baby through sign language
Sing & Sign With Me, Baby! | 300 Weeks
Build your sign vocabulary and have fun learning new songs with your baby.
Strengthen, Stretch, & Shimmy - Yoga & Bellydance for Girls | Zahara Fusion
Strengthen, Stretch and Shimmy : yoga and bellydance for girls led by Lela Beem & Malik Turley
Toddler CPR & Safety | 300 Weeks
Keep your family safe. Get the information you need to have in case of emergency.
Viniyoga for Dancers | Zahara Fusion
Stretch & Strengthen through Viniyoga
Walk-fit | Zahara Fusion
Come and walk your way to fitness!
Walk-to-Run Level 2 | Zahara Fusion
Become a runner!
Walk-to-Run, level 1 | Zahara Fusion
Walk your way into running!
Wellness Circle | Zahara Fusion
Women reclaiming wellness
Working & Breastfeeding | 300 Weeks
Find out how you can go back to work while breastfeeding
Yarn Baby Learn-to-Knit Classes | 300 Weeks
Prepare for baby with this practical and relaxing pastime
Zumba© | Zahara Fusion
Join the party and you won’t even realize it’s exercise!
Zumba© Gold | Zahara Fusion
Ease into fitness with this combination of Latin dance and bellydance