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November 17, 2009


I’ve been thinking about when and how we seek out community. I imagine that most people find their community in one of a few places – family, work, school, friends. I have watched parenting communities form in my Mama Talk and Baby Wearing Zumba classes, with moms sharing milestones and taking the friendships formed in the classroom out into the world. I am currently watching a wonderful community form among my bellydancers in three different classes and look forward to those communities growing as they each prepare for their performance in December.

I claim membership in several communities – dancers, doulas, parents, fitness professionals, Evanstonians, just to name a few. My newest community is that of Wild Tree Cafe dwellers. I find myself drawn to this space several times a week to sit, quietly, with my laptop open getting work done. My intention for coming to the cafe is to get work done – I seem to be far more productive in this space than I am at home, probably due to the fact that the only thing I can do is my work, while at home I have so many more things calling for my time and attention. What I get from spending time at the cafe is an unexpected sense of community. The same people seem to be there, depending on the day, each there for their own reasons. There is something comforting about seeing the same faces from week to week, even if I don’t engage in conversation with them (though the casual smile of recognition and the quick “hi, how are you” moments are nice, too).

Is this because I miss the office environment? I don’t think so – I love the variety of faces and places in my week and wouldn’t trade that in for anything. I think this is simply an example of human nature, and I love feeling this human.

Lessons Learned

This week has taught me that life is short and that the smallest things can have the greatest impact, expected or not.  On Monday morning, sometime between 12:30 and 2 am, a sweet little girl’s life came to an end.  You can read her obituary here.  This little girl was loved by many who were close to her, but she also had the love of people of all ages who may only have met her a time or two.  She was only 4 and spent half of her life fighting cancer. 

How did I know her?  Not well at all, but she made her mark on my heart in short order.  Her dance teacher, moved by Donna’s spirit, organized a group of us from PAL to run in a 5K supporting pediatric cancer research.  I am not a runner, but something about this little girl’s story compelled me to join the team and do my best to run for Donna.  I completed the 5K with a combination of running and walking, which was a huge achievement for me.  Our team, small though it was, brought in a good amount of money for the cause.  Donna was there in her tutu cheering us on.

Goodbye, Dancing Donna.

DancingDonna: Donna at the Run for Gus 2009DancingDonna: Donna at the Run for Gus 2009

Although Donna won’t be there, I have vowed to get myself to the point of being able to run the entire race when it comes around again next year.  In this way I’ll do my part to help Donna’s legacy continue.  Who wants to join me in training and do some good?


September 09, 2009

I've been parenting for 16 years, working with technology for 14 years, and running my own business for 8 years. You'd think that with that track record I'd be up on all the "new" options out there for communicating electronically! Well, somewhere along the way I fell a bit behind so this is my first attempt at blogging. My kids are all over the blog thing, following blogs about all sorts of things. I have friends with blogs, and with my activity on Facebook I get links to blogs. Now it's my turn.

What else is in "start" mode? I am taking the blog plunge as a way to get information about the workI do out into the world. As of yesterday my new, all-encompassing website is live. You should take a look www.hipcirclestudio.com and let me know what you think. It was designed by Chris Wallace, a very talented (and patient) man. The site is definitely the result of a labor of love. The site features logos designed by Jennifer Baldwin (Hip Circle & Zahara Fusion logos) and Tom Kepler (300 Weeks logo), both of whom I recommend for their graphic design work.

I have also "started" a new page on Facebook for Hip Circle Studio and would love your fan love. Coming next...twitter! I am hoping to have this blog serve as a way for me to share thoughts about the worlds of parenting, dance, and women with a large audience, so feel free to help spread the word.

Finally, in the spirit of "Back To School", new classes are starting up this week and next, and it would be lovely to see them full of smiling, technologically savvy faces.:-)

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